In order to attract more guests, the owners decided to restore the building and it was even personally supervised by the owners. They also had decided to keep the valuable building elements of the house. So the marble floors, wrought-iron railings, the Moorish stained-glass windows, the carpentry of the balconies, and the exposed beam ceilings were all restored. To organize the distribution of the rooms on each floor, they added stained glass windows. the courtyard is covered with glazed vault which is a magnificent enclosure.

The  glazed vault serves as a skylight for the entire building. La Casa  Amarilla has a total of 13 rooms. It attracts the guests due to its typical Andalusian design. Also, the guests will surely enjoy their stay in this hotel because it has a central courtyard, colorful tiles, and it feels comfortable to stay here too. With regards to the facilities and amenities, free WiFi is available and the air conditioning is good. The quadruple room’s kitchen is equipped with microwave and oven or stove.

There is nothing to worry about the rooms because there is a shower, flat screen television, linens, room heater, and a private room. As the building was restored, there are many guests especially tourists who experienced how good are the services offered to them by the staffs. The time for check-in the hotel is 10:00 and the check-out is 12:00nn.  There are also famous beaches nearby where the guests can go for swimming or snorkeling, the Tarifa Port and the Guzman Castle.