Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. There are awesome and stunning views to be seen in different places. The architectures and all other tourist attractions easily grab the attention of many. Tarifa is a border town of Spain where La Casa Amarilla is very famous. This is actually a hotel known as “The Yellow House”. This name was also given to this hotel because of its facade, covered with a spectacular glazed tile in yellow. This establishment was actually restored.

In addition to this, the town where this “apart-hotel” was located, that is Tarifa, is the place where ancient peoples and modern tribes converge. It is even known as a cultural melting pot. This apart-hotel or Yellow House is a magnificent 19th century building and of Andalusian architecture. It has an inner courtyard, the rooms have a small kitchen and a dining room. This is why it is known as an apartment-hotel or a small apartment. It is very easy to find this hotel due to its accessibility.

Anyone can directly access or find this apart-hotel especially when you already reach Santo Donato street. Inside the building, there is a restaurant and two stores. The guests can choose either craft gifts or clothes. Every guest will have a unique experience of Andalusian culture. Each hotel offers different products and services depending on the location of the hotel. The culture of Spain can also be experienced as well as its traditions and learning it is a great experience.